---------- WELCOME TO WORLD OF LABRADORS ------------

Black Labrador World is now incorporated within World of Labradors.  The focus on this website is on bringing you a range of Labrador related gifts, whether your preference be for the black, chocolate or yellow lab.  In addition, it is now bringing you a range of spaniel, cat and horse related gifts. All items shown have either been developed by us, or sourced from other carefully selected suppliers.  We consider them to be amongst the best and most unusual gifts available, and likely to appeal to all those who love these animals.  We have added many new products for this Autumn and we will continue to add to the range regularly in the months ahead.

Every human lucky enough to have, or to have had, a Labrador as their friend knows what a special relationship exists between human and lab.  It is no surprise that it is the most popular breed. But it is equally true to say that all those lucky enough to have formed a similarly special bond with their spaniel, cat or horse treasure that relationship just as much so we are thrilled to be able to include these 'friends' on this site.

Here on this website you will find many products which hopefully reinforce the love we all have for our labs, spaniels, cats and horses.  And in the case of the products which we have developed ourselves they are only available to buy from this website. 

We hope you enjoy browsing the site and welcome any comments, suggestions, or indeed ideas for as yet undeveloped products. 

Much of the inspiration for Black Labrador World has come from our love of Midas, a truly remarkable black lab.  As well as seeing pictures of him on this home page you can also follow him on Instagram (and less frequently on Facebook) where we will keep followers updated on new products listed on this site.  At the last count Midas has over 3,600 followers.

This website now has a page specifically designated for each of black, yellow and brown labradors, spaniels, cats and horses so it is easy for you to find what you are looking for.  You can access these pages by clicking on the logos at the top of this page or via the drop down menus below the logos.  Alternatively, the main gift page includes ALL gifts except for the Christmas themed items which also have their own page.

Happy viewing!